Dual Enrollment Cybersecurity

Offered at the Following Campus Locations

Program Overview

This dual enrollment TCC is designed to provide high school students the knowledge and skills to conduct Cybersecurity.

Within Savannah Tech’s service delivery area, there is a great need for individuals with cybersecurity skills and knowledge in varying work roles in our area. A ratio of existing cybersecurity workers to cybersecurity job openings in our area is 2.8 which is very low. With this dual enrollment TCC offering, Savannah Tech would be able to provide high school students knowledge and skills sets related to cybersecurity that will prepare them for higher level Diploma or AAS coursework. This dual enrollment TCC will allow high school students to obtain an academic credential that will allow them to employ advanced cybersecurity knowledge in their daily life. It will help to develop a skilled and cyber capable workforce to meet the cyberdefense and cybersecurity challenges of the southeast region.

Entrance Requirements

This program requires the ACCUPLACER® college placement test. ACCUPLACER® minimum scores: Reading Comprehension 224, Writing 236, Arithmetic 229 This program is for high school students enrolled in the Dual Enrollment Program. High School diploma is not required for admission but is required for Graduation.