Cybersecurity Diploma

Offered at the Following Campus Locations

Program Overview

The Cybersecurity diploma program is a sequence of courses designed to provide students with an understanding of the concepts, principles, and techniques required in computer information processing. Graduates are to be competent in the basic skills areas of English and mathematics, as well as in the technical areas of computer terminology and concepts, computer networking, and network security. Program graduates are qualified for employment as Computer Network Security Specialists, Cybersecurity Specialists or Information Security Analysts.

Entrance Requirements

This program requires either the Next Generation ACCUPLACER®, ACCUPLACER®, or COMPASS college placement test and High School Diploma or GED.

ACCUPLACER® Next Gen scores: Reading 224, Writing 236, Arithmetic 229

ACCUPLACER® minimum scores: Reading Comprehension 55, Sentence Skills 60, Arithmetic 34

COMPASS minimum scores: Reading 70, Writing 32, Mathematics 26