Child Development Associate Preparation

Offered at the Following Campus Locations

Program Overview

The Early Childhood Care and Education CDA Preparation TCC (Child Development Associate Preparation) program is a four course sequence of courses designed to prepare students for the Child Development Associate national credential issued by the Council for Professional Recognition (headquartered in Washington, DC). Students must be currently employed in a childcare setting. The four courses in this TCC provide students with the knowledge and skills needed for the national credential and provide information on the development of the portfolio required of the Council. Satisfactory completion of this program is not the only requirement to receive the national Child Development Associate credential. The cost of the portfolio development or the CDA exam are not a part of the program cost. Graduates may choose to apply for national certification; however, Bright From the Start will accept the completion of the Technical Certificate of Credit Program to meet the requirement for childcare providers to attain at least a certificate in the field of Early Childhood. Graduates are qualified for employment as assistants and leaders in the childcare centers.

Entrance Requirements

This program requires either the ACCUPLACER® or COMPASS college placement test and High School Diploma or GED. Minimum Required Age of 18.

ACCUPLACER® minimum scores: Reading Comprehension 55, Sentence Skills 60, Arithmetic 34

COMPASS minimum scores: Reading 70, Writing 32, Mathematics 26

Other Conditions for Admission: Students will have to obtain 480 hours of classroom field experience before submitting their CDA applications to National Council for Recognition.

Note: Before gaining employment in the Early Childhood field applicants must complete a satisfactory National Criminal Background Check