Automotive Refinishing Assistant I

Offered at the Following Campus Locations

Program Overview

Automotive collision repair and refinishing technicians repair vehicles which have sustained damage through various forms of accidents and they can refinish vehicles for a variety of reasons for customers. Glass replacement and repair as well as dent repairs and detailing are also service aspects of this field. Technicians are paid an hourly wage but labor is actually billed out per job. This means that experienced technicians often show more time in billing repairs than they actually have time on the clock. This system is called flat rate and it enables technicians to make higher annual wages than their hourly rate would indicate. Graduates of Collision Repair training programs have also been employed as insurance estimators and as technicians on military bases refurbishing equipment or aircraft.

Entrance Requirements

This program requires either the ACCUPLACER® or COMPASS college placement test and High School Diploma or GED. Minimum Required Age of 16.

ACCUPLACER® minimum scores: Reading Comprehension 36, Sentence Skills 30, Arithmetic 23

COMPASS minimum scores: Reading 70, Writing 32, Mathematics 26