HERO Campaign 2022

Be A Hero


The 2021 Faculty/Staff Scholarship Campaign raised $36,307, which offered 20+ student scholarships and helped 15+ students with tools/testing in FY2022. We are pleased to report 82% of full-time employees contributed, including 37 (most ever) who pledged 1% of their salary.

Make a pledge for your 2022 contribution

Your gift to the HERO campaign goes directly to the Savannah Technical College Foundation and is handled completely separately from any other college budget process. These gifts support our students through scholarships and provide financial support for tools/equipment and testing.

When you become a donor to the HERO campaign, you define exactly how your money is to be spent. All gifts are used as defined by the donor. That is the Savannah Technical College Foundation’s responsibility to its donors.

You can make a gift (cash, check or online) anytime. You may also start payroll deduction any time during the year.

You may also change your monthly deduction amount as you like. If you should want to discontinue your payroll deduction, you can also do that at any time. Please understand that payroll deduction changes will take a full month before they are reflected in your paycheck.

Be a Hero

(supports Faculty and Staff Scholarship)

  • Weekly raffle drawings with great prizes!
  • Tiered celebration options for teams that achieve 100% participation!

Ways to support STC students: 

  • BE A SUPER HERO Give 1% of your gross pay and receive a dedicated parking space for the year and an STC HERO embroidered polo (one per person).  Human Resources will do final calculations for you but here are some before-tax examples:
    • $25,000 gross per year, 1% = $250 or about $21 per month
    • $35,000 gross per year, 1% = $350 or about $29 per month
    • $45,000 gross per year, 1% = $450 or about $37.50 per month
  • Contribute a minimum, one-time gift of $25 (or minimum of $2+ per month if using payroll deductions) and receive a thank-you gift.
  • Contribute at any other level and receive a thank-you gift.

Gifts received through the HERO Campaign automatically support the Faculty & Staff Scholarship Fund, however, you can elect to:

  • BE A TOOLS HERO (Any amount supports purchase of tools/ required equipment)
  • BE A TESTING HERO (Any amount supports end of program/licensure testing)

You can make a gift (payroll deduction, cash, check or online) anytime during the year.