Electrical Utility Technology

The face of energy has changed dramatically during the last decade. While changing our perception of how we run our households, it has required the utility industries to change also. From the moment you flip the first switch in the morning to the time you switch it off in the evening, you are connecting to a huge network of people, electric lines, and generating equipment, which takes a plethora of people to control and distribute. That’s where area electric cooperatives and electric companies come in, needing employees to work with smart grid technology, power plants, transmission substations, and distribution across the region.


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the job growth in the industry is expected to increase slowly during the next few years but increase to 14% within the next decade, offering starting wages around $42K annually.

The program incorporates 3D technology in its classrooms. It is also part of the sustainable technology movement at Savannah Technical College and is available for Learning Community opportunities with a number of courses and dedicated tutors, ask for details.