Business Management

The Business Management program is designed to prepare students for entry into management and supervisory occupations in a variety of businesses and industries. Learning opportunities will introduce, develop, and reinforce academic and occupational knowledge, skills and abilities required for job acquisition, retention and advancement in management. Graduates of the program receive a Business Management degree with a specialization in General Management, Operations Management or Human Resource Management.


A manager is one who supervises others, decides the daily priorities of the business or office, delegates projects, and coordinates teams to meet the goals of the organization.  Managers must have persuasive and clear communication skills, analytical minds able to digest large amounts of data quickly, and the skill to evaluate complex relationships among numerous factors.  Additionally, managers exhibit personal qualities such as leadership, flexibility, self-confidence, motivation, determination, and sound business judgment.

The BLS forecasts a 10.57% increase in management, business, and financial occupations through 2018.  Job prospects are stronger in high-growth industries such as health services and with managers with experience in international economics and marketing who are able to work across national and cultural borders.  Competition for jobs is keen.

Source: Technical College System of Georgia – Knowledge Management System