Gainful Employment

Gainful Employment Information

The U.S. Department of Education (DOE) requires public and proprietary institutions to report certain information about students who are enrolled in Title IV (i.e., Pell Grant, FSEOG, and Federal Direct Stafford Loans) eligible educational programs that lead to gainful employment in a recognized occupation (GE programs). Those regulations also provide that institutions must disclose prospective students certain information about the institution’s GE programs.

Job Placement Calculation:

Total Placement Rates are based on unduplicated Graduates and unduplicated Employment Status, using the latest Employment Status entry for each student. The Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) examines Placement status within the first year following completion of the respective program.

The Total Placement Rate excludes those Graduates who are not working, have not joined the military, and have not continued their education.

The TCSG Total Placement Rate is calculated as follows:

Employed In Field + Employed in the Military + Employed in a Related Field + Employed in an Unrelated Field + Employed in Field & Continuing Education + Employed in a Related Field & Continuing Education + Employed in an Unrelated Field & Continuing Education + Continuing Education
Numerator Above + Not Employed


AC12 Accounting Diploma
ACT2 Air Conditioning Technology Diploma
AST2 Aircraft Structural Technology Diploma
ACR2 Auto Collision Repair Diploma
ASG1 Automotive Chassis Technician Specialist TCC
AE51 Automotive Engine Performance Technician TCC
AF12 Automotive Fundamentals Diploma
AT14 Automotive Technology Diploma
AA71 Automotive Transmission/Transaxle Technical Specialist TCC
AM24 Aviation Maintenance Technician TCC
AMT1 Aviation Maintenance Technician- Airframe TCC
AM61 Aviation Maintenance Technician – Power Plant TCC
AM34 Aviation Maintenance Technology Diploma
BA12 Barbering Diploma
BF21 Barbering for Cosmetologists TCC
BL11 Basic Law Enforcement TCC
MD12 Business Management Diploma
BA22 Business Technology Diploma
CP41 CAD Operator TCC
CH71 CATIA Technician TCC
CS91 Central Sterile Supply Processing Technician – Adv TCC
CN71 Cisco Network Specialist TCC
CS51 CNC Specialist TCC
CT12 CNC Technology Diploma
CS14 Computer Support Specialist Diploma
CM71 Construction Management Apprentice TCC
CM12 Construction Management Diploma
CO12 Cosmetology Diploma
CJT2 Criminal Justice Technology TCC
CA44 Culinary Arts Diploma
CBA2 Culinary Baking and Pastry Art Diploma
DA12 Dental Assisting Diploma
DT12 Drafting Technology Diploma
ECC2 Early Childhood Care/Education Diploma
ES12 Electrical Systems Technology Diploma
ET12 Electrical Technology Diploma
EU11 Electrical Utility Technician TCC
EU14 Electrical Utility Technology Diploma
EMJ1 Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) TCC
EP12 EMS Professions Diploma
FST2 Fire Science Technology Diploma
FI12 Firefighter/EMSP Diploma
GF21 Georgia Film Academy On-Set Production Assistant TCC
HD21 Hair Designer TCC
HA21 Health Care Assistant TCC
HP11 Historic Preservation and Restoration Assistant TCC
HP14 Historic Preservation and Restoration Diploma
HM12 Hotel/Restaurant/Tourism Management Diploma
HRM1 Human Resource Management Specialist TCC
IM12 Industrial Maintenance Systems Technology Diploma
IST4 Industrial Systems Technology Diploma
MTT2 Machine Tool Technology Diploma
MM12 Marketing Management Diploma
MA22 Medical Assisting Diploma
MC71 Medical Coding/Insurance Data Entry Specialist TCC
MF21 Medical Front Office Assistant TCC
MF41 Microsoft Office Applications Professional TCC
NT11 Nail Technician TCC
NS14 Networking Specialist Diploma
PT12 Paramedicine Diploma
PR21 PC Repair and Network Technician TCC
PT21 Phlebotomy Technician TCC
PD71 Photovoltaic System Installation and Repair TCC
PN12 Practical Nursing Diploma
RWA2 Residential Weatherization and HVAC Specialist TCC
ST12 Surgical Technology Diploma
ST32 Sustainable Technologies Diploma
TS11 Team Supervisor
WAJ2 Welding and Joining Technology Diploma