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Entries beginning with the letter "G"

Gaither, ShaquanAdjunct
Gamble, MatthewEnglish
Gardner, BridgetAdministrative
Geiger, DebraDepartment Head/
Gergerich, HeatherPolice
Goetz, KristinTA/Training Team
Gonzalez, LesciaAdmissions Counselor/
Goodrow, Devi-AnnAdjunct Instructor, Health Sciences,
Gordon, JanieManager of Business & Industry
Gore-Gray, KatrinaAcademic
Grace, JohnGA Film Academy, Department Head/
Grant, StephanieEarly Childhood Care and Education Instructor912-408-3024 ext
Gray-Wallace, ElizabethESOL
Gregg, AnthonyEnglish Instructor912-408-3024
Griffin, Dr. LonnieDean of General Studies and Learning Support912
Griffin, Lonnie F.Dean of General