Student Refund Debit Cards

Savannah Technical College issues reloadable debit cards through SunTrust Bank in lieu of paper checks for excess financial aid refunds.

To ensure you receive your reloadable debit card, make sure your mailing address and phone number is up-to-date. Please stop by the Student Affairs Center as soon as possible and update your mailing address.

The SunTrust Debit Card is mailed in a non-descript white envelope to the most current address we have on file. DO NOT THROW IT AWAY. When you receive the debit card, call the number on the card to activate it right away. Keep the card safe and do not throw it away. There will be a charge for lost or discarded cards.

The prepaid card will be accepted anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted, including for cash at an ATM. Each time you use your card, the value will be reduced by the amount of the purchase until the value is zero.

If you wish to receive a check instead of the reloadable debit card, please download, complete, and submit to the Cashier’s Office at the Campus Shop the Debit Card Opt-Out/Opt-In Request form.

For answers to frequently asked questions, please review Debit Card FAQ’s. You may contact SunTrust Customer Services at 1-866-209-4909.